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Disney Hit With $250 Million Frozen Lawsuit

Shot from Disney's Frozen - Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Shot from Disney’s Frozen – Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Disney had a massive success with last years animated feature Frozen, but it looks like that success story could end up being a meltdowns as a woman named Isabella Tanikumi, also known as L. Amy Gonzalez has filed a lawsuit with Disney over the film.

Frozen movie poster - Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Frozen movie poster – Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Tanikumi’s grounds for the Frozen lawsuit are hefty, claiming that the Walt Disney Company plagiarized her life story in order to make the film. According to E! News, Tanikumi has filed a detailed three-page Federal complaint against the company and is suing for $250 million.

According to the documents, Tanikumi is claiming that Frozen was based on her autobiography, Living My Truth, which was released in 2010 and not the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen as Disney claims.

“Ms. Tanikumi is a very private individual and does not wish to be interviewed at this time. As the case moves through the Courts I am sure more information will become available concerning her claims,” said William T. Anastasio, Tanikumi’s attorney to E! News.

Apparently the court documents highlight 18 examples where the film parallels her book, which clearly shows there is some basis for her claims.

The $250 million figure may seem quite large, but Frozen grossed well over $1 billion at the global box office according to Box Office Mojo, not to mention the incredible success of the films soundtrack, which is still sitting near the top of the Billboard charts. 

Stay tuned for updates as the story develops.

Disney Hit With $250 Million Frozen Lawsuit 

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