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You Have No Clue How to Blow a Bubble|Fan Yang Does



We all enjoyed blowing bubbles as children.  Well, you and I have no clue how to blow a bubble!  Check out this video and the amazing, spectacular bubble display.

The show is put on by Fan Yang who is a Canadian bubbleartist according to wikipedia here.  He has earned international acclaim as a result of his complex displays of bubble theater. In addition to performing he has developed his own bubble solution formulas and equipment to create bubbles. Fan Yang has broken bubble-related world records on numerous occasions.

Yang’s show, the “Gazillion Bubble Show” is simply amazing! His wife, Ana Yang, performs the show in his absence and is featured in the video below.  The official website for Gazillion Bubble Show states:



The Gazillion Bubble Show will amaze your whole family with mind blowing bubble magic. Step into an interactive bubble world and be dazzled by spellbinding lasers, spectacular lighting effects, and jaw-dropping masterpieces of bubble artistry. It will make you smile, laugh, and feel like a kid all over again!




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