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Are Hospitals & Doctors Cashing In on Unnecessary C-Sections?

According to California Watch, “hospitals can increase their profits by 82 percent on average by converting a normal birth to a C-section.”

A surgical birth brings in an average profit of $2,740, while profits for a comparable vaginal birth were $1,830.

The drug and medical industry’s mounting greed IS outrageous, especially when you consider in this specific instance of C-sections the National Institutes of Health (NIH) says that 46 to 75 percent of C-sections are totally unnecessary!

What’s really maddening is that a study done between 2013 and 2014 showed that the cost of hospital charges for maternal and newborn care rose from $109 billion to $126 billion in just one year, with $5.5 billion of it as a result of unnecessary C-sections.

In fact, delivering babies is the #1 profit center in hospitals, and rising every year.

Facility charges billed for “mother’s pregnancy and delivery ” and “newborn infants” ($98 billion) far exceeded charges for any other hospital condition in the United States.

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

“Mother’s pregnancy and delivery” and “newborn infants” were the two most expensive conditions billed to Medicaid, involving 26 percent of hospital charges to Medicaid, or $46 billion.

Nineteen other countries in the world have lower C-section rates than the U.S.; 29 nations have lower maternal mortality rates; 35 have lower early neonatal mortality rates; and 33 have lower neonatal mortality rates.

This last statistic is particularly concerning, because despite outspending every nation on the planet on healthcare, there are 29 or more countries ahead of the US in key childbirth related mortality rates.

Simply stated, the US spends more money to have more mothers and both pre-term and full-term children die than just about 30 other nations.

But I’d venture a guess that our profit margins for corporations contributing to these staggeringly bad mortality numbers is NOT below those in the other 30 nations that are safer places to have a baby.

And if there were stockholders who held shares in something called the “public health” corporation, they would be in absolute revolt over these numbers and boards of directors of this corporation would be under pressure to resign.

Wait a minute, isn’t the US Government the head of something much akin to a “public health” corporation?

So where is the outrage in the shareholders (you)?

Educating yourself and your family to their business model and their seemingly endless tricks to maximize profits. Because an educated and healthy consumer is the worst enemy of our current “sick care” model that passes for health care in the US.

Are Hospitals & Doctors Cashing In on Unnecessary C-Sections?

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