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Is Global Warming Actually Affecting Earth’s Gravity? (+VIDEO)

GOCE Senses Changing Gravity.


Usually when you hear about climate change impacts, it’s your typical extreme heat wave. The European Space Agency highlighted a new area feeling the impact recently on Earth’s gravity.

According to the ESA, the massive and rapid loss of ice from West Antarctica between 2009 and 2012 was big enough for its impacts to be felt in Earth’s gravitational field over the region. The findings come from the ESA’s GOCE satellite, which extensively mapped the Earth’s gravitational field from 2009 to 2013.

Photo: GOCE

Photo: GOCE

Gravity isn’t constant across the Earth. Subtle variations occur based on the planet’s rotation and where mountains and ocean trenches are located. According to the ESA, “changes in the mass of large ice sheets can also cause small local variations in gravity.” Which is exactly what the GOCE satellite found.

But, these changes are minuscule It’s not like you can head down to Antarctica and all of sudden weigh less.

Still, it shows that rapid ice melt is changing regions in a fundamental way.

From 2011 through 2014, Antarctica’s ice was shrinking by 125 cubic kilometers per year.

The next step for researchers will be to expand their observations to all of Antarctica to see how the changes in ice mass affects the Earth’s gravity throughout the region.

Geoid. Photo: GOCE

Geoid. Photo: GOCE

For scientific purposes, the Antarctic ice sheet is often divided into catchment basins so that comparative measurements can be taken to work out how the ice in each basin is changing and discharging ice to the oceans. Some basins are much bigger than others.

By combining GOCE’s high-resolution measurements with information from Grace, scientists can now look at changes in ice mass in small glacial systems – offering even greater insight into the dynamics of Antarctica’s different basins.

Is Global Warming Actually Affecting Earth’s Gravity?

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