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Another Hairy Situation For iPhone 6?

The recently released iPhone 6 is the center of yet more controversy. This time, it’s not ”Bendgate” but a hairier issue. Details are still at times fuzzy but according to a recent community post at 9to5Mac, some of the new smart phone users are allegedly upset with the new iPhone 6 because it reportedly catches their hair while making a call and yanks it out when they take their smart phones away from their ears.

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Can you trust smartphone so close to your long hair?/Image: TechGirl

Both head and facial hair are said to have fallen prey to the follicle-consuming cell phone. One twitter poster claimed: “The seam on my iPhone 6 where the aluminum meets the glass is definitely catching my hair and pulling it out.”

Both previously-mentioned posters appeared to agree on the iPhone issue.  It was even specifically stated that this hairy problem is not an issue with screen protectors. It has been concluded that hair gets caught in the same place by multiple users and does, indeed, pull out one’s hair upon completing a call.

PC World suggests the situation “could be worse” and notes that the iPhone 6 could have an issue like that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices which have small gaps between the phone’s display panel and frame. Samsung, however, claims: “The reported issue does not impact the functionality or quality of the Galaxy Note 4. We assure our customers that all Galaxy Note 4 units meet our strict manufacturing and quality control standards,”

Interestingly, some online bloggers and commentators are already mocking users with long hair and/or beards. They do not however, generally address the issue of the quality of the product for which one pays. This, of course, leads still others to believe that no matter how many design flaws were found in the iPhone 6 or any Apple product someone would still be making light of the mistakes and praising the company.

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Injury reports are fuzzy/Image: iPhoneBul

Perhaps one anonymous online commentator said it all in an earlier post: “Apple must have some hardcore supporters. Why should it matter that it takes 70 pounds to bend a phone when people have been carrying cell phones in their back pockets for years?”

He concludes: “Why should it matter that if you are bald or clean-shaven you don’t care about the ‘seam-ingly’ flawed design? You pay too much money to have any issues with these not-so smart phones.”

Another Hairy Situation For iPhone 6?

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