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Why Am I Not Losing Weight? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why am I not losing weight?” you ask? Good question . . . timely too. (It sure beats answering the question: “Why do people from other countries throw their dirty toilet paper in the trashcan instead of flushing down the toilet?”)

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Losing weight can be especially difficult for people not willing to make changes in their lives.  For the sake of space though, we’ll discuss those foolish folks searching for shortcuts some other time in some other place. The truth is losing weight has a lot to do with hormone levels. Lifestyle factors, however, can adversely impact hormones and make losing weight more difficult.

At any rate, if you’re trying to lose weight and seem to have hit a plateau, here are some of the top albeit lesser known reasons why you’re no longer making progress according to sources such as MindBodyGreen’s Dr. Mark Smith.

You Don’t Get Enough Fat: If you’re serious about weight loss you should know the difference between good and bad fat. Bad fats come from processed foods and include omega 6 fats and trans fats. Good fats are found in animal meat, avocados, coconut, eggs, fish, olives and so forth. For some reason, folks still don’t get that these healthy fats don’t add pounds. In fact, eating healthy fats “gives (people) energy, keeps (them) satiated longer, and prompts the body to burn stored fat for fuel”.

Too Much Cardio: Believe it or not, your time on the treadmill can hurt you. Your body “sees exercise as stress.” When you’re stressed your body releases the hormone cortisol. Short term, it’s good as it “breaks down energy stores for immediate use.” Unfortunately, “prolonged increases” will eventually cause a list of negative results including weight gain.

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Lack Of Sleep: Sleep patterns have a huge effect on hormone levels. Studies indicate “that poor sleeping habits cause (people) to gain weight. Other studies have demonstrated “that the biggest spike in fat burning hormones occurred during deep sleep.”

Overload of Carbohydrates: Typically, folks eat too many “processed carbohydrates.” This screws up insulin and blood sugar levels. Eventually, “fat cells become insulin resistant.” This makes it almost “impossible for the body to burn fat” regardless of how few calories one eats or how regularly one exercises.

Too Many Diet Foods: According to Smith, processed foods and most diet foods “contain some form of MSG.” MSG (in all its forms) spikes insulin levels and “causes the body to store fat. Other chemicals in diet foods can sabotage your weight loss efforts too, like artificial sugars . . . and natural flavors.”

Smith and other experts agree that getting healthy is “the best way to lose weight.” He concludes: “This means eating real food, moving your body regularly, getting adequate amounts of sleep and finding ways to manage stress.”

Why am I not losing weight? Now you know.

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