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Alyssa Carson: First Girl On Mars?

Will 13 year-old Alyssa Carson be the first girl on Mars?  If the up-and-coming Martian media darling Carson has her way about it the answer is “yes”.


Alyssa Carson/Image: Facebook

According to Carson’s Facebook page and other social media postings, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana lady plans on being the first person on the red planet. The teen’s tenacity has even garnered the attention of NASA representatives.

Carson, who claims to already speak 4 or languages, has had her heart set on a Mars mission since she was four years old. Her father is also supportive of her dream and does not think it is out reach.

After all, with the various space agencies planning a 2033 Mars mission, Carson is easily within the appropriate age range. By 2033 she could have already racked up years of training. In fact, she has already begun training at Space Camp Turkey and who knows what new additional training programs will be made available to her in the next decade or so.

Carson, who is slotted to make an appearance on the game show Jeopardy, has already made public speaking engagements in other countries and met with the Dutch based Mars One project officials. Unfortunately, the Dutch Mars One project will transport people to Mars but it is a one-way trip. Carson would probably not be permitted to go.


Carson on “the moon”/Image: Facebook

Carson thinks Mars could very well be the “next Earth” and has thus far attended all three of NASA’s Space Camps. At present, some concerns with future Mars missions include propulsion and radiation shielding which at present could hamper ’s hopes. Still, much like the early Apollo missions, there are teams of NASA specialists constantly searching for answers and discovering new methods, new materials and new technologies that could very well land this astronaut hopeful on Mars one day.

Alyssa Carson: First Girl On Mars

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