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Why Doesn’t The Girl Text Back? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why doesn’t the girl text back?” you ask? That’s a sad question. (Still, it beats answering the question: “Why does my boyfriend want to buy French ticklers when we’re both Americans?”)


Why doesn’t the girl text back? /Image: HerCampus

Why doesn’t the girl text back? The fact that you even asked this question speaks volumes. Don’t worry though as no one knows you’re name. Your original message was deleted immediately after your questions was copied and pasted into the “Why File”.

Let’s be blunt. If you care that much about one gal texting you back then you might be a bit too needy or at least give the ladies that impression.

You’re perhaps missing what some sources such as Women Attracted call “an abundance mentality”. This means that you at least appear to have no other options. Perhaps you also were a bit too eager and let that show in your text. She may have picked up that you were desperate.

Put any and/or all of this out there and of course the girl will be in no hurry to return your text. She already knows you’re not going anywhere. She can have you whenever she wants—assuming she wants you at all—so what’s the hurry?


Why doesn’t the girl text back? ?/Image: TSBMag

Anyway, asking that question further makes one wonder about your options or perhaps lack of same. She might not text back for other reasons though that we have yet to cover. Again, maybe she just isn’t that into you.

Your randy writer has rarely experienced that because he doesn’t put himself out there unless he is pretty certain he won’t hear the word “No”. Still, if you just jump in without any planning you might run into gals who will give you their phone number even if they aren’t into you because they are afraid to reject you, don’t want to hurt your feelings or are not smart enough to otherwise discourage you,

Why doesn’t the girl text back?  Now you know.

(Why doesn’t the girl text you back? Who cares, dude? You have a lot of options, got it?)

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

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