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Fox News Anchor Lashes Out About Ebola Issue

Fox News has always been a hot button topic. Some criticize it for being far right, while others hail it as the voice of the people. For the first time it seems they have a message that everyone is uniting behind.

Recently Shepard Smith a Fox News anchor lashed out about the Ebola issue. He attacked the media and politicians claiming they are inciting fear in order to get votes and stir up hysteria. In this clip Smith explains why there is no concern for Ebola. Then proceeds to lash out about politicians trying to scare up votes.

The video is quickly becoming viral as Fox News anchors have been known to incite false concern themselves. Smith explains that while a man has died of Ebola and two nurses who cared for the man contracted Ebola, there is no “outbreak” to be concerned about.

Smith went on to explain that people should most be worried about getting the flu or pneumonia as they both killed over 50,000 people last year.

The Fox News anchor lashes out on Ebola fear mongering saying it’s “It’s not worth ratings and it’s not worth politics and we all need to stop it.”

Fox News Anchor Lashes Out About Ebola Issue

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