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Mountain Lion Crosses Tricky Freeway Just to ‘Mate’

Love may make you do things you don’t want to, but that isn’t the case with just humans- apparently, it can drive animals to cross metaphorical and physical barriers too!

A mountain lion was recently spotted crossing two extremely busy freeways to simply get to Griffith Park, Los Angeles, simply to mate! It was a dangerous and possibly life threatening move on the part of the mountain lion, who crossed the distance of approximately 30 miles to make it to Griffith Park.

“Seth Riley, National Park Service wildlife ecologist along with his co-workers monitor many GPS-tagged big cats on the two sides of the freeway to keep a track of their numbers. They witnessed a male lion dubbed P12 from the north making its way across the freeway to join the secluded Santa Monica cats,” Delhi Daily News reported.

Mountain Lion Crosses Extremely Dangerous Freeway to Mate in Los Angeles

Mountain Lion Crosses Extremely Dangerous Freeway to Mate in Los Angeles

The mountain lion is believed to come from the north, and supposedly possesses genetic material that is new to the Santa Monica Mountains. What’s more, this hero of a lion did not just survive and mate, but also turned out to be a dominant breeding male, having many offspring- and he still continues to procreate.

Construction barriers, fencing and heavy traffic on freeways make it impossible for most mountain lions to cross the area, but this braveheart one managed to get through it all.

Local officials are now looking to build a wildlife overpass in the region, which could be covered in vegetation, which could help many animals including the mountain lions pass the freeway with ease.

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