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U-Haul Dead Baby Body Count Up To 6

6 Dead Babies Discovered In U-Haul Locker

Earlier today police announced the arrest of Andrea Giesbrecht of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The 40-year-old woman aka Andrea Naworynski, has been charged with six counts of concealing human remains following the discovery Monday of six infant bodies in a U-Haul storage locker in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


U-Haul Storage Facility/Image: U-haul Inc.

The infants’ remains were found at a U-Haul International Inc facility on McPhillips Street in the northwest section of the city after company employees made the discovery during a routine inventory in a locker rented by delinquent owner Giesbrecht. Razmin Mansoub, marketing company president of U-Haul Co of Central Canada told the Winnipeg Press that police were immediately alerted.

Police reported that the remains were in such poor condition that at first they were uncertain of the number of bodies found. Earlier reports by other news sources were incorrect as well.

Authorities told the press that while this incident is certainly “suspicious,” investigators have not yet determined if “foul play” was involved. Nevertheless, Constable Eric Hofley stated it is not legal to store human remains without the proper authorization.

Hofley elaborated: “Obviously, you’re not allowed to store or conceal human remains. That in itself would be a charge. Until the autopsies have determined what the cause of this is, we won’t know what the full extent of the charges may or may not be.”

While homicide investigators have been notified, as this goes to press the case is currently remains with child-abuse specialists. Hofley added that a full forensic examination and analysis would probably take months to provide them with answers to all their questions and to determine whether Giesbrecht is even related to the dead babies.

Hofley would not comment further on the remains. “It will be a long time before we are able to answer these questions.” He concluded: “Our belief is that these were newborn children.”

U-Haul Dead Baby Body Count Up To 6

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