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Why Do Guys Never Seem To Pick Up On Hints? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why do guys never seem to pick up on your hints?” you ask? That’s actually a good question actually. Your randy writer certainly has experience in that area. (Even if he didn’t it would still beat answering the question: “Why do girls queef?”)


Why do guys never seem to pick up on your hints?//Image: Reddit

This reporter has had a condition labeled by his “besties” as “Two-By-Four-itis”. What that means is he never picks up on verbal hints, body language or anything else too subtle about which to be certain. If a girl asks your rather reclusive writer out in no uncertain terms he gets it.

As the evening progresses and she touches him, he gets it. If a girl gets unusually close and presses her body against his, he gets that too. If a lady asks what he would like for breakfast, he gets that he is spending the night. Otherwise, forget about it.  In other words, a gal has to hit him over the head with a two-by-four (piece of wood).  If the guy is not aware he has the condition and lacks experience, things can be even harder, girls.

The question: “Are you gonna kiss me or what?” is a constant part of his now seldom and select social life, mmmkay? An attractive lady-friend into both him and psychology believes this stems from a fear of the word “No”. (Hey, if you have a great track record, why risk it, right?)

Anyway, while yours truly can fill you from the male point of view regarding hints and all, it seemed only right to get some info from a female expert as well. Let’s consult Audrey Fine from Seventeen.


Why do guys never seem to pick up on your hints?/Image: WikiHow

Fine suggests if you want to ask a guy out then don’t “bother being subtle because most males are simply not wired to pick up on sly clues. (See? “Two-By-Four-itis” is not such a rare condition!)

Talk straight, girls. Fine agrees explaining: “(Guys are) used to talking to each other in a very straightforward manner, so what girls consider the most obvious hint is actually unintelligible to them.”

Fine advises ladies to “use this knowledge and profit from it. Break your message to him down into basic verbiage – it’ll save you BOTH loads of frustration.”

Why do guys never seem to pick up on hints? Now you know.

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