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NASA Launches Space SoundCloud

“Ground Control to Major Tom”, commencing SoundCloud speakers on . . .

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) recently announced the official “opening” of a SoundCloud account. They kicked off the event with the compilation of a library of “spacy” sounds and galactic goodies.


SoundCloud/ Image: SoundCloudand Gashunters

Released just last week, the NASA account currently contains close to 70 selections from the agency sound archives. The MP3 formatted clips include: rocket launches, lightning on Jupiter, President John F. Kennedy’s famous moon speech, a launch countdown, famous quotes from astronauts, historical moments in space history, recordings from space missions, sounds of shuttle launches, recordings of the solar system and even a song about water on the moon.

Everything on NASA’s SoundCloud page can be downloaded for free. Since this material is the work of the federal government, they are all in the public domain. What you choose to do with these various space sounds is entirely up to you.


Music in space/Image: SpaceSafetymagazine

All the NASA-themed smart phone notifications a user could ever want have all been compiled here. Some users have already begun to sample the stellar sounds for their own musical mash-ups while others are using them as various notification sounds on their PCs and/or smart phones.

The sound bites are even available in the m4rformat for iPhone ringtones.  Visitors to the page are asked to follow the guidelines that are linked into the NASA bio but otherwise may do as they please.

Zane Mager, a “bass enthusiast” from Chicago, Illinois said: “While everyone can enjoy these sound clips, they are of special interest to producers” explaining how the clips could be sampled in with instrumentals and turned into new music.

He concludes: “While this may not (even) be ‘one step for mankind’, it does open up the door for the public to make some other-wordly beats.”

NASA Launches Space SoundCloud


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