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Why Did Amazon’s Fire Phone Fail? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why did Amazon’s Fire phone fail?” you ask? That’s a good question. It’s timely too. (It certainly beats answering any question that employs the phrase “hairy, scary down there-y.”)

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According to various news sources including ABC News and the Associated Press, Amazon.com Inc’s Fire phone, unveiled by CEO Jeff Bezos in Seattle, Washington on June 18, 2014, couldn’t manage spark much interest in the current smart phone market.

It’s been over four months now and despite having what Amazon labeled “breakthrough” technology, the device has been relegated to the virtual 99-cent bin on Amazon—and you even have to sign a contract. (We’ve always wondered where places like the 99 Cents Only and Dollar Tree chains got their electronics.)

The Amazon Fire phone comes with a tool that permits users to identify practically any product—from condoms to kosher salt. After which it takes users to the Amazon site to purchase the products.

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Why did amazons fire phone fail?/Image: ConcaveBT

Amazon also hyped the device’s 3-D display. This was said to be yet another “breakthrough feature” of the Fire phone.  Patrick Moorhead, principal technology analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, told ABC News that this was one place Amazon “had a chance to shine.”

They handled it the wrong way though. Moorhead specified: “I could imagine on a 10-inch tablet playing some really cool 3-D games, but their display was too small. It was the wrong platform.”

He added: “Where Amazon went wrong was creating a device geared toward drawing in new Amazon shoppers, according. He said the smart phone and Amazon were a classic case of a ‘brand mismatch.’ I think that Amazon was more interested in monetizing its buyers than actually delivering a compelling experience.”

According to Alyssa Newcomb of ABC News, Fire phone reviews average “about 2-stars on Amazon.”  Other common thoughts concerning the Fire phone were along the lines of “extremely sad and dissatisfied” and “I wanted to love you.” What could have been a smokin’ device just ended up being not so hot.

Why did Amazon’s Fire phone fail? Now you know.

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