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Price Of Gasoline Falls Well Below $3.00 At Pumps Across The US

The price of crude oil has been falling for months, yet the price of gas had still been staying near the $3.40 per gallon mark all across the country. In the past week, prices have plummeted as commuters have been able to fill up at prices at or below the $2.85 per gallon price. Compared to prices at the end of Spring this year, we are saving approximately $0.50 per gallon as of now. While $2.85 may not seem like a low price to most adults, it may be the lowest price that we have seen in a long time. The mental effect from dropping below the $3.00 mark sure does make it seem so much cheaper, even if we are still only saving about $5.00 per tank at the pump.

Price Of Gasoline Falls Well Below $3.00 At Pumps Across The US

Fuel Graph

Gas prices begin to fall at the pump all over the country. (image from US Energy Information Administration)

Some of the best deals at the pump still come from fuel rewards programs such as major grocery store chains that allow shoppers to save anywhere from $0.10 to $1.00 per gallon on gas. Brands such as Kroger and Safeway, who operate their own independent gas stations, allow shoppers to earn various amounts of savings per gallon based off of the amount of groceries and merchandise that the shopper spends in the store that month. If you feel like really maximizing your savings per gallon you can even purchase gift cards at these grocery stores for other retail outlets where you already shop, and they often offer for you to earn your fuel rewards 2 to 4 times faster. This means that a $50 trip to Home Depot could earn you about a $0.2o off per gallon savings if you buy your home depot gift cards at the grocery store.

The fact that the base price per gallon continues to fall should excite travelers and commuters, as the winter months are soon coming. Holiday spending is just around the corner, and if the price of fuel can remain low, the cost of goods and the cost of living could decline closer to more comfortable levels for the average American.

Price Of Gasoline Falls Well Below $3.00 At Pumps Across The US.

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