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John Wick Shoots Its Way To $14.1 Million At The Box Office

It appears that analysts may have wrote off ‘John Wick’ way too soon. Despite a bummer of a box office performance on its opening day, the action film made a strong come-back by Saturday night. Perhaps the flop that was ’47 Ronin’ left a bad taste in people’s mouths, but once the word got out that ‘John Wick’ was a solid film people began to line up for tickets to catch the thrill.

John Wick Shoots Its Way To $14.1 Million At The Box Office

John Wick Poster

John Wick makes a big comeback as Saturday and Sunday ticket sales redeem this action thriller. (image from Wikipedia)

The plot of the film revolves around Keanu Reeves’ character who was a hitman that retired. After swearing away the life of danger and violence, some thugs draw him out of retirement by taking everything from him and killing his puppy dog. The grief of his loss causes him to seek revenge in a big way, and John Wick uses his lethal skills to track down and kill those who did him wrong.

Another movie involving Keanu Reeves doing kung-fu with hand guns sounds like something that has just about been played to death in films. The genre may remind so many of the Matrix films, but this movie delivers some of the same level of thrill as the action-packed original Matrix movie. Critics all over have praised Reeves’ performance in ‘John Wick’, which may just be the career boost that he needs to land some higher profile roles in the near future.

While this film may be the first film from director David Leitch, it may very well be the type of film that is worthy of a sequel or spin-off film. Keanu Reeves brings the action, and the film delivers quality thrills from beginning to end. Some action movies seem to sacrifice plot for action, but ‘John Wick’ makes no mistake and brings plenty of both. You will be feeling the excitement as the tension kicks in when a hitman comes out of retirement.

John Wick Shoots Its Way To $14.1 Million At The Box Office.

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