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Diabetes May Triple the Risk of Tuberculosis

It has been warned by the health experts that the cases of tuberculosis will also accelerate around the world along with the cases of diabetes. As diabetes weakens the immune system, it has been revealed that a person with the said disease is three times more at risk of developing the lung condition. Infact, diabetes becomes more dangerous than it was previously believed when it is three times more the risk of tuberculosis.

TB or tuberculosis has killed around 1.5 million people in 2013 according to the World Health Organization. Healthy people are less likely to be affected than diabetics, mostly because those affected by diabetes have immune systems that are compromised and their body cannot defend itself against the infection.

The death toll among patients is expected to heavily increase in case of patients suffering from co-infection of both TB and diabetes. TB rates are increasing as the diabetes rates are as high as they have ever been due to growing obesity.

Diabetes Triples the Risk of Tuberculosis

Diabetes Triples the Risk of Tuberculosis

The development of TB is facilitated not only by diabetes-Tuberculosis cases have quadrupled in the majority of the countries in Africa led by HIV/AIDS. Diabetes rates are slowly but surely increasing around the world including poorer countries which has become a causing concern for the health experts. By 2035, six of the ten countries with the highest number of diabetics (Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, India and China) will also be at high risk of tuberculosis has been predicted by the WHO.

Since diabetes triples the risk of tuberculosis, the experts warn that a co-epidemic of diabetes and TB is looming and that something needs to be done to reduce the diabetes around the world.

Anthony Harries, who is part of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, claimed that the countries he was most concerned with were India and China. India has the highest TB rate in the world, followed by China. China has the highest number of diabetes cases, followed by India. He continued:

We want to raise an alarm that we don’t watch history repeat itself with TB-diabetes.

Anil Kapur, from the World Diabetes Foundation said that, “If we don’t act now to head this off, we’re going to experience a co-epidemic of TB-diabetes that will impact millions and sap public health systems of precious resources. The key is to prevent this from happening.”

The cases of diabetes will rise from 382 million in 2013 to 592 million in 2035 according to the International Diabetes Federation. There will be an increase in the rate of tuberculosis since diabetes triples the risk of tuberculosis.


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