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Microsoft Band Enters Fitness Arena At $199

Computer giant Microsoft just announced their new wearable fitness device called the Band. The new Band will sync up with Microsoft Health to help users keep track of their fitness and health. The new wristband will cost consumers $199 to purchase, and the app is free to download on Apple iTunes, the Windows Phone Store, as well as the Google Play Store. The device is certainly not the cheapest offering out there, but maybe Microsoft has been able to pack new features into their Band by not being early to the market with this type of device.

Microsoft Band Enters Fitness Arena At $199

Microsoft Band $199

The Microsoft Store announced their new Band wearable personal fitness tracker for $199. (image from Microsoft)

From a technology standpoint, the Microsoft Band packs a visible UV Sensor, External Charging Port, Action Button, Power Button, and color Touch Screen. The device also contains a Heartbeat monitor, GPS sensor, Galvanic Skin Response Sensor, accelerometer, and a microphone. The touchscreen may set the device apart from some of the existing products on the market that seem to reply solely on phone apps to control their devices.

The Microsoft Band also allows users to change their background image on the Touch Screen, and make other personal settings changes to tailor the device to their preferences. The band also allows wearers to customize the tiles that are displayed on the watch-like device. You can have your Band display the time, phone call information, text messages, as well as other available features. This means that the Band may be one of the first devices to attempt to merge the genres of personal fitness wearables,  and the ill received wearable tech.

Microsoft is hoping that by packing lots of usable features, fancy tech, and their reliable name behind the Band that consumers will flock to the new device. Wearable fitness devices have become a trendy device that many wear as a sort of status symbol, while others may wear it solely for its functional purpose. As people seem to be more and more concerned about the number of steps that they take every day, this becomes one more fancy gadget to help us keep track.


Microsoft Band Enters Fitness Arena At $199.

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