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Prices At The Pump Hit 4 Year Low Ahead Of Holidays

You may have driven past a gas station lately and had to do a double take at the price, as the price dips way below the $3 mark for the first time in years. Gas station attendants are having dust off the ole number 2’s and start pulling down the sun-faded 3’s as gasoline hits the cheapest price since 2010. This stems partly from a slump in the price of oil, which is a welcomed change of pace across the country.

Prices At The Pump Hit 4 Year Low Ahead Of Holidays

Shell Station

Prices at the pump fall well below the $3 mark ahead of the holiday season. (Image from Wikipedia)

Gas prices were recently nearing $4.00 per gallon at the onset of Summer, but now that Fall is soon to give way to Winter the prices have plummeted down into the $2.70 area in most parts of the country. Prices still fluctuate from state to state, and pump to pump but people are filling up at much lower prices than they used to at any rate.

16 year old kids will not remember the glory days of gasoline, when you could fill up the tank for $10 and still have change left over for a drink. While those days are not likely to return at all, we can still welcome the fall of gas prices. The average tank of gas has been costing consumers so much money over the last 14 years as it has reached near the $60 mark per tank in many cases.

Gasoline may be on the big decline, but those who use Diesel are still paying a pretty penny per gallon. Either way, the price drop has effected both forms of fuel and it is expected to stay this way for some time. Some speculate that the falling prices may be the trend throughout the holidays, which could result in increased holiday spending this year at retailers. Go ahead, top it off, and treat yourself to a road trip this year with the family.

Prices At The Pump Hit 4 Year Low Ahead Of Holidays.

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