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Speeding Car Kills 3 Trick Or Treaters In California

A group of 3 young girls, including a set of twins, were struck and killed by a speeding car while they were Trick or Treating on a California street. The 13 year old girls were carrying their bags of candy, as they crossed the street in a marked crosswalk when the car hit all 3 of them. The car then sped off, fleeing from the scene around 6:45pm Friday night. Police in the Santa Ana area are looking for the suspects involved in the accident.

Speeding Car Kills 3 Trick Or Treaters In California

Santa Ana Police

Police in Santa Ana California are looking for suspects in a fatal hit and run that killed 3 young girls Friday night. (Image from Santa Ana Police)

Witnesses reported that after the car struck the 3 girls, 2 of the male occupants got out of the vehicle and ran off on foot. The remaining boys stayed in the car as it sped off. Police are looking for any information that could lead to an arrest in this situation. Emergency responders declared all 3 of the girls dead at the scene, which was apparently gruesome.

According to eye witnesses, the vehicle was speeding out of control at more than 50 mph, and then struck the girls in the crosswalk flinging them all more than 100 feet away. A driver followed the speeding car, and helped police locate the vehicle but none of the suspects were able to be apprehended yet.

Police suspect that alcohol may play a factor in the accident, but that is just a suspicion at this point. Many fatal accidents on Halloween statistically involve an intoxicated driver. The combination of drunken drivers, dark and crowded streets, and young children unfortunately leads to one of the least safe days for pedestrians in the entire year.

The hit-and-run accident has left a community wondering who could be responsible for this tragedy, as police hone in on evidence to locate all of the suspects. It will only be a matter of time until these suspected minors are caught and brought to justice.

Speeding Car Kills 3 Trick Or Treaters In California.

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