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29 Year Old Brittany Maynard Ends Life, Death With Dignity

Long time Death With Dignity advocate, Brittany Maynard, has spoken out for the rights of terminally ill patients. She has been the face of the organization, which fights for the rights of those who wish to end their lives peacefully and on their own terms, rather than suffer a painful and eventually worse fate. She has led the charge from her home in Oregon, where she has fought for the right to take her own life.

29 Year Old Brittany Maynard Ends Life, Death With Dignity

Brittany Maynard

29 year old Brittany Maynard fought and won the right to take her own life. She passed away peacefully surrounded by her loved ones on November 1, 2014 (Image from thebrittanyfund.org)

The 29 year old advocate was diagnosed with brain cancer that was going to eventually take her life. Rather than suffer through an unknown amount of treatments to prolong her life, and hold off her eventual death, she decided that it would be best to take her own life. She wanted to be remembered while she was still healthy, and could make decisions for herself. Either way, it was certain that Brittany Maynard was going to die. The decision was ultimately hers to end her life, and on November 1st she finally succeeded at accomplishing her goal for herself.

Brittany took a lethal prescription drug, that was prescribed to her by a licensed doctor for the purpose of taking her own life. She was able to plan her death, and ensure everyone she wanted to be there was at her home Saturday night when she took her life. She passed away peacefully in her own bedroom, in the company of her loving friends and family. The outcome was exactly what she wanted, given her medical situation,

Many people across the country still see this form of death as a controversial topic, as it opens doors for the possibility that others may follow her path in the future. Perhaps many curable people would willing commit medicated suicide at the news of a misdiagnosis by medical professionals. This could also mean that people with other conditions may fight for the right to take their lives at the hands of a doctor, rather than do it themselves. Either way, there is nothing stopping most people from taking their own lives, but Brittany Maynard wanted to make sure that it could be done legally and with dignity for herself and the ones she cared about.

29 Year Old Brittany Maynard Ends Life, Death With Dignity.

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