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22 Year Old Kidnapped Philly Woman Found Alive In Maryland

All too often the outcome of kidnappings end in murder, but today is a good day for the 22 year old nursing assistant kidnapped this weekend in Philadelphia. She was found alive a few hours away in Maryland, and her captor was taken into custody by police. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was kidnapped on a Philadelphia street around 10pm on Sunday night. She was caught on tape being forced into a sedan by a young male.

22 Year Old Kidnapped Philly Woman Found Alive In Maryland

philadelphia kidnappingA team of special detectives from the U.S Marshals as well as the FBI and ATF was able to track down the suspect’s vehicle all the way to the town of Jessup Maryland. The suspect, 37 year old Delvin Barnes was already wanted for other violent assaults, and attempted murder in Virginia. He was beyond a doubt a dangerous individual, who deserves to be off the streets. He was probably on the prowl Sunday night, when he kidnapped Freeland-Gaither and she happened to be in his path at the time.

Surveillance camera footage from the sidewalk where the abduction occurred provided police with the crucial evidence they needed to identify the suspect. The camera was able to catch information about the car used in the kidnapping, as well as capturing the abduction itself. In the footage you can see Carlesha fighting with the male suspect as he struggled to stuff her inside a car near the curb. In addition to the security footage, an eye witness saw the abduction, and tipped of the police quickly.

During the abduction, Carlesha dropped her cell phone, and her eye glasses were knocked off of her face. Fearing for her life, she managed to kick out the car’s read side window in an attempt to escape. Her strong will to live may have contributed to the fact that she managed to survive being captured for nearly 3 full days.

Exact details about her rescue, as well as how authorities were able to track the suspect down so far away are still undisclosed at this time. Authorities are being tight lipped until all evidence can be used to charge Delvin Barnes with her kidnapping.

22 Year Old Kidnapped Philly Woman Found Alive In Maryland.

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