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Small Hawaiian Town Threatened by Volcano

The volcano erupted at Hawaii’s Big Island continues to flow lava and is now approaching the towns situated nearby. This major disaster was declared on Monday and the lava from the volcano continues to flow, making the places nearby unfeasible for survival.

Hawaii volcano threatens small town Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

Hawaii volcano threatens small town
Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

Pahoa, the town which is facing a danger from the lava, is observing the leading edge of the Kilauea lava flow very carefully. Since a new vent opened, the lava flow is lesser than 200 yards from the Pahoa Village Road, which is one of the main roads leading to this small town. Width of the lava has also increased from before, implying more damage to more people is possible in case the lava enters the town.

For years this volcano has been active, similar to the other volcanoes on the island. The slower flow of lava is due to the fact that Kilauea is a shield volcano, which have lava of low viscosity and slower speed of flow. Another reason for the slower flow is that the lava is dense, which is why darker spots can be seen, which are the parts of lava trying to cool themselves, making further reduction in flow speed of lava.

The residents of the surrounding towns have survived and have adapted to live around the volcano in dangerous conditions. Nevertheless, they are always alert and monitor the volcanic activity in the island actively and will continue to do so unless there is danger for which they evacuate and move to a safer place.

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