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Facebook Asks Users to Donate, Gears up for the Fight against Ebola

It’s just been a few weeks that Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg donated $25 million in the fight against Ebola that’s supposed to have hit several regions in Africa the worst, and now, Facebook is already attempting to get its users too, to join the initiative.

In an attempt to raise awareness and more money, Facebook is now using its global reach to get the attention of its 1.3 billion users to donate as generously as they can to the Ebola outbreak struck regions in Africa.

A message will now appear at the top of news feeds on Facebook starting next week, which will enable users to donate to three nonprofit organisations- the Red Cross, Save the Children and International Medical Corps.

“This is something Mark really cares about and that Facebook really cares about as well,” said Naomi Gleit, Facebook’s vice president of product management.

Facebook looks to raise awareness, money to fight Ebola

Facebook looks to raise awareness, money to fight Ebola

Earlier, when the typhoon Haiyan had hit Philippines, Facebook had launced an easy donate button to help reach out to those affected by the storm. Also, Facebook was an active platform that had given rise to the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised $115 million, and created an awareness for ALS.

Non profit organisations in West Africa note that fundraising for Ebola has been quite slow, with only a few hundreds donating.

Apart from Mark Zuckerberg, there are several other organisations who have now pledged to donate a few millions to Ebola relief. Among these, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has committed to donate $50 million starting with contributions to the CDC, the World Health Organization and Unicef.

“We think there is real potential to raise awareness of these charities working on Ebola. Starting tomorrow millions of people around the world will see this message at the top of their News Feed that encourages them to learn more about Ebola and to support the organizations on the front lines,” Gleit said.

What’s more, in order to obtain information regarding Ebola prevention, its symptoms and treatment options, Facebook is now collaborating with the UNICEF.

100 mobile satellite terminals are also being donated by Facebook for use in the remote areas of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to help medical workers communicate among each other.

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