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Man Charged With Murdering Girlfriend In Washington Surrenders to Police

A man charged with murdering his girlfriend in Washington state and accused of posting images of her lifeless body on a popular internet forum site, writing that he wanted authorities to kill him, walked up to an Oregon officer Wednesday night and surrendered himself, police said.


Photo of David Kalac, 33, accused of murdering his girlfriend in Washington before fleeing to Oregon. (Photo: Portland Police Bureau)

David Kalac, 33, was arrested at a transit center in Wilsonville, about 20 miles south of Portland, Clackamas County sheriff’s Sgt. Nate Thompson said.

An officer was patrolling the area when Kalac emerged from a wooded area near a parking lot.

“He basically said, ‘I have a warrant for my arrest,'” Thompson said in a telephone interview. Kalac was cooperative but provided no details about how he came to be in Wilsonville, the Thompson said.

Kalac has been charged with second-degree murder in the murder of Amber Lynn Coplin, 30, in Port Orchard, Washington. He was transported to Portland, where he is being held on $2 million bail.

Washington state detectives have arrived in Portland and hope to interview Kalac, as well as take possession of Coplin’s vehicle, a 2001 Ford Focus that was discovered Wednesday afternoon in Portland, about 160 miles south of the crime scene.

Portland police briefly chased the car early Wednesday, but Kalac managed to evade them.

Kalac’s criminal record includes convictions in both Washington and Virginia for assault, burglary, and a DUI, Kitsap County, Washington sheriff’s Deputy Scott Wilson said.

Deputies have confirmed that the grisly photos posted on 4Chan are of the victim and the Port Orchard crime scene, Wilson said.

“He’s our primary suspect,” Wilson said Wednesday. “It stands to reason that in all likelihood he is the person who posted those photographs.”

Coplin’s body was discovered by her 13-year-old son, just as the Kalac indicated would happen when he posted on 4Chan.

Police say they found Coplin’s body in her bedroom with her driver’s license by her head with the word “dead” written on it. The words “bad news” were scrawled on blinds and the words “she killed me first” were written on a picture on the wall.

Coplin’s son told police that his mother and Kalac were arguing loudly on Monday night, court records show. Witnesses also said they heard what sounded like a violent argument and loud thumping and banging noises coming from the apartment located in west of Seattle across Puget Sound.

The teenage boy told police he thought his mother was sleeping in and Kalac was gone when he left the apartment Tuesday morning, according to court documents.

According to Wilson, the boy came home from school Tuesday morning and took a nap. When he awoke in the afternoon, he noticed the car was missing and went to check on his mother and “found her unresponsive.”

At that point, Coplin’s son phoned his father, her estranged husband. The man came over and found the body at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and called 911, the sheriff’s spokesman said.

The man reported that Coplin’s face was bashed in, her car was missing and she was bloody and bruised, court records show.

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