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Amazing Images of Dusty Debris Around Star Captured by Hubble

NASA’s famous Hubble telescope has successfully captured amazing pictures of the discs made of dust around the stars. According to the scientists, the dust debris is formed due to the collision between leftovers following the recent formation of planets.


NASA researchers claim that they are on the move of looking if there are any more unseen planets which could be orbiting its stars. Glenn Schneider, who was one of the scientists participating in capturing the phenomenon, mentions:
“It’s like looking back in time to see the kinds of destructive events that once routinely happened in our solar system after the planets formed.”

A surprising fact that the scientists found through the Hubble telescope is that every single dusty disc was different. According to Schneider, all the systems are not flat and one of them has a uniform surface. He added that:
“These are actually pretty complicated three-dimensional debris systems, often with embedded smaller structures.”

Observed using the Hubble telescope is the star name HD 181327 which has a huge spray of dust and debris surrounding it and the scientists commented that this could happen due to two bodies on collision with each other.

NASA’s Christopher Stark said that the dusty material on HD 181327 is not close to the host star. He said that: “Catastrophically destroying an object that massive at such a large distance is difficult to explain, and it should be very rare.”

The scientists add that the discs noticed in the Hubble telescope might have been warped and twisted with star material when interacting with one another. They are looking into it further to understand the irregularities better.

By making use of the Hubble telescope, the scientists successfully captured high-contrast images and were able to take a look of the debris system around the stars. Due to the distance, capturing images of the debris was tedious and hence only a few images were snapped of the dust debris since 1995.

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