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Bats Can Turn Mean for Prey, Jam Signals from Rival Bats

In order to capture the best prey, bats can use tricky ways, and apparently sabotage each other’s sonar too.

While flying, the bats capture their prey effectively utilizing sonar to detect their prey in midflight. This sonar ability can disrupt other bats’ echolocation, or the method they use to determine the location of objects based on reflected sound as believed by the researchers.

This occurs when bats are flying within close proximity of each other as presumed by the team. As such, the bats use different frequencies during hunting so they won’t clash with other bat signals.

These nocturnal creatures apparently sabotage each other’s sonar on purpose as they hunt for food has been specified in details in a new study of the Mexican free-tailed bats also called ‘Tadarida brasiliensis’.

Bats Use Jamming Signals to Steal Prey from Other Bats Read more: http://www.chinatopix.com/articles/21226/20141107/bats-apparently-use-jamming-signals-to-steal-prey-from-others.htm#ixzz3IOS9frMt

Bats Use Jamming Signals to Steal Prey from Other Bats

A type of sonar signal these bats emit specifically designed to ultimately destroy and disrupt another bat’s echolocation has been deciphered by the researchers.

This type of echolocation jamming involves sound interference using echoes that vary in time and frequency according to Aaron Corcoran from Johns Hopkins University. Corcoran differentiates this type of signal as a special one with the uncanny ability to disrupt. The other type of signal usually occurs when bats use the same frequency.

The frequencies used by another bat is covered by jammed signals says Aaron. Bats normally do this due to their large numbers and a big group usually implies an imminent shortage of food sources is believed by the researchers.

The findings of this study are published in the journal Science.

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