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Governor Corbett: Paterno should not have been fired

According to sources at the Philadelphia Inquirer, yesterday Tom Corbett, outgoing Pennsylvania Governor said that late  longtime coach Joe Paterno “probably” should not have been fired. Corbett was a member of The Pennsylvania State University’s Board of Trustees when the former Nittany Lions football coach was dismissed.


Corbett and Paterno/Image: Politico

In an exclusive interview with the Pennsylvania paper Corbett, who was beaten in Tuesday’s gubernatorial election by Democrat candidate Tom Wolf stated: “They probably shouldn’t have fired him, they probably should have suspended him. He probably should have been given the last three games, not on the sideline.”

Corbett also said that the Penn State trustees never truly fully recovered from the difficult decision to let Paterno go. This was probably due to the fact that following the dismissal of the famed football coach their focus was forcefully shifted away from where it should have been—on assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and his multiple alleged crimes against children.

Additionally Corbett reported that on November 2011 night in question—when the Penn State University’s Board of Trustees made the decision to dismiss Joe Paterno as well as then-Penn State President Graham Spanier, he was relaxing in his Harrisburg home and was “conferenced in” to the board of trustees meeting.


Joe Paterno/Image: Philly.com

He stated that a “voice vote’ was conducted but he remained silent. He was then unable to openly express his honest opinion because he had been told about specific grand jury and investigative information having to do with the case.

When Corbett was pressed further yesterday regarding the decision to dismiss Paterno was justified, Corbett concluded: “You know me; I have to have evidence on everything. If it was clear he understood and did not do anything, yeah. But I’m not so sure it was clear to him. And technically, he complied with the law.”

Governor Corbett: Paterno should not have been fired

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