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Facebook Makes It Easier To Ignore Others

Yesterday Facebook announced they will be offering new filter options in Settings that reportedly list the groups, pages and people users follow that posted the most frequently during the prior week.  They will offer a summary too. Users will also be able to review a list of newly un-followed people and return them to his/her feed should the user experience a change of heart.


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There is a new control which allow users to choose to see fewer posts from a page or person rather than just completely un-following them. Additionally there are even options for blocking posts from specific sites and muting specific individuals.

Early critics believe that Facebook is giving users more power because of the criticism they have taken in the recent past for controlling what users see as well as when they actually see it.

Facebook uses algorithms to show an edited feed instead of a simple chronological list of posts from family and friends.  Posts determined to be the most important—such as major life events—are promoted to the top slot on the list. Factors such as the pages a user follows and what posts the user likes are also used to determine what to show you.


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This past June Facebook was accused of “unethically experimenting” on approximately 690,000 users’ news feeds back in 2012. The social network experimented with the content of news feeds. Some users were shown a higher amount of positive content while others were shown more negative material. Facebook then researched how these factors affected the users’ posts and emotions.

The new Facebook settings are currently available on desktop. They will be added to the mobile apps sometime within the next few weeks. Users can find additional information on the Facebook help center.

Facebook Makes It Easier To Ignore Others

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