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Cyborg Cockroaches May Be Used To Locate Disaster Victims

Experiments being conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina are trying to determine if they can modify cockroaches to help locate disaster victims. By attaching electronic equipment including microphones onto cockroaches, these researchers are hoping to be able to release some into disaster areas to help locate human survivors before rescue teams could normally get to them. The cockroaches would be able to crawl through tightly packed rubble, where researchers and rescue dogs could not get to without major excavation.

Cyborg Cockroaches May Be Used To Locate Disaster Victims


Researchers at the University of North Carolina have developed a technology that allows them to guide Cyborg Cockroaches to survivors in disaster areas. (Image from Wikipedia)

By adding the electronic gear to the cockroaches, these Biobots or Cyborg Cockroaches, will be able to walk around and transmit information back to a receiving device. To further help ensure that the cockroaches just don’t scatter and flee the desired work area, researchers are further claiming that they have developed a type of perimeter fence that would prevent the cockroaches from leaving a designated area. Perhaps the cockroaches will be shocked if they attempt to leave the perimeter of the scene.

While these Cyborg Cockroaches sound pretty cool in theory, they aren’t exactly robots that are being perfectly controlled by a human operator. We are far from being able to wire a cockroach to be able to command it just like a robot. These cockroaches are still mobile under their own command, but humans are able to make suggestive commands to influence the cockroaches movement using the attached devices. The listening and transmitting devices are just added to their carapace, and are simply along for the ride.

This technology was debuted at the IEEE Sensors 2014 conference in Valencia, Spain. The event showcased some of the top technology being developed in the electronic sensor field, and took place from November 2-5, 2015.

Cyborg Cockroaches May Be Used To Locate Disaster Victims.

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