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Many Rioters In Ferguson MO Fueled By Welfare Payments

Since the year 2000, the city of Ferguson Missouri has done a good job at cutting their city’s crime rate nearly in half. The amount of Auto Thefts, Robberies, and Sexual Assaults have dropped dramatically. The little town of roughly 21,000 people has been becoming a safer place to live than in the past. The crime rate still far exceeds the national average, but progress has been steady in the past 14 years. This all took a dramatic turn for the worst after a police-involved shooting lead to the death of a teenager in the middle of a Ferguson street.

Many Rioters In Ferguson MO Fueled By Welfare Payments

Police Clash With Protesters In Ferguson MO

Police have tried to keep the peace in Ferguson, Mo since August while protesters without jobs have nothing better to do than protest. (Image from Wikipedia)

Riots have been taking place in Ferguson Missouri, along with formal protests against the Police and Government, ever since the police-involved shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. For more than 3 months, looting and rioting has still plagued the streets across the city of Ferguson. The governor of Missouri has even considered sending in the National Guard to help control the outbreak of violence and destruction in the small town. While not yet deployed to the streets, the National Guard is still a back pocket option in case the situation does not improve.

Over time, the importance of the situation in Ferguson has dwindled from the public eye, but it continues to resurface from time to time. After three months of nearly continuous unrest, many people have wondered where all of these demonstrators and criminals are getting all of their free time. Clearly, if all of these people had jobs to attend they would have run out of paid leave after a three month streak of truancy. The truth may be that many (not all) of these protesters don’t actually have regular jobs, and as a result have all kinds of free time to try to be in the national spotlight.

The average welfare recipient in the state of Missouri receives and estimated $26,000 a year in cash and benefits for doing little more than filling out forms and sitting in waiting rooms from time to time. That amount of money ranks slightly higher than the per capita income of the working adults in Ferguson, which averages only $19,000 a year. With that kind of disparity, it is easier to see why certain people might choose not to work.

So, at the tax payer’s expense, some of these protesters are taking to the streets to hold signs and proclaim their stance on their city’s situation. Others are giving this cause a bad public image by dashing into convenience stores, wig shops, liquor stores, and other local businesses to steal their way to the vindication of a controversially killed teenager. Somehow the message of those sincere about the potentially wrongful death of Michael Brown is getting clouded and lost in the image of those who choose to break the law and take advantage of the collapse of civility on Ferguson streets.

Many Rioters In Ferguson MO Fueled By Welfare Payments.

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