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Sunspot AR 2192 Now Away From Earth’s View-NASA

The largest sunspot recorded since 1990 is the AR 2192 and according to recent reports, this sunspot has rotated enough to be not visible to earth’s view anymore. This sunspot displayed some amazing solar activity and, in the last four days, has shot off four flares.

AR 2192 just Rotates out of Earth’s view Photo Credit: Flickr

AR 2192 just Rotates out of Earth’s view
Photo Credit: Flickr

According to the researchers at NASA, which are Dean Pesnell and C. Alex Young, it is yet to discover as to why the sunspot grew to such a large size. They explain that AR 2192 was one of the biggest sunspots observed till date and could be so due to the fact that it was near to solar maximum, meaning there is more concentrated magnetic field and magnetic energy to blow up.

The space agency made a movie related to the sunspot, which will be featuring from October 19 to October 27 and the movie will show the life of the greatest active region on the sun since the last twenty years.

The most active areas on the sun are the sunspots and are formed when the lines of magnetic field have a twisted nature. Since the sunspots are cooler than the rest of the surface, they appear much darker too. The fact that AR 2192 is the largest sunspot and behaves strange has caught the scientists’ eye.

Young claimed that the huge sunspot AR 2192 did not produce any major CME’s during it’s course of rotation within the view of earths. Hence, the sunspot produced many flares, but zero coronal mass ejections.

Young said, “It’s not that it’s never happened before, but it tends to be the case that when you have a big flare, you generally get a big CME”.

Before the incident mentioned, AR 2192 could be seen through eclipse glasses and if it returns to the earth-facing side of the sun, people might be able to spot it once more.

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