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Most Americans Prefer Male Bosses over Female Ones

It is the age of women empowerment, and many initiatives are being taken to help women emerge and showcase their best potential- not just in the developing countries but in some developed countries as well.

However, recent findings reveal that most US workers still prefer working under a male boss than under a female boss. The findings of a new Gallup research suggests that most Americans- both men and women, prefer having male bosses than female ones.

This report, which was a part of the week long Women and the Workplace series from Gallup, used data from its own work and education poll which was conducted in August. The statistics reveal that 33 percent of people who polled would prefer a male boss, while 20 percent would be okay working under a female supervisor.

The findings also revealed that most women preferred working under a male boss- around 39 percent of the women preferred working for a male boss, while just 26 percent of males wanted to have the same.

Americans still prefer male bosses to female ones

Americans still prefer male bosses to female ones

What’s more, they also found that a good percentage of people don’t have any gender preference when it comes to workplace, and these numbers are increasing rapidly. Around 46 percent of individuals already have no gender preference for a boss, of which, 58% were males.

It is speculated that the reason why a good percentage of women were more inclined to having a male boss could be due to the fear of the ‘queen bee syndrome.’ It turns out, women who may have climbed the ladder to success may not be strong supporters of women who are behind them. Also, several studies have shown that female bosses tend to engage in workplace bullying, and women working under other women are reported to have higher levels of stress than those who work under men.

Of course, this is not always the case, and a few studies have also found how having a female boss helped nurture the talent of young women.

While it is clear that the trend is changing, and more and more people are comfortable working in different environments and are not so specific about the gender of their bosses, the reason behind this shift in attitude is yet to be known.

So what do you prefer?

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