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Bears Wide Receiver Marshall Challenges Lions Fan To $25,000 Fight

Brandon Marshall of the Chicago Bears finally got fed up with one raucous Detroit Lions fan who gave him more than his fair share of heckling on Twitter. The Wide Receiver was being teased for his poor performance on the field, and he just couldn’t take it any more. Marshall reportedly challenged the Detroit Lions fan that he would pay him $25,000 if he would come and fight him, to back up all of his big talk.

Bears Wide Receiver Marshall Challenges Lions Fan To $25,000 Fight

Brandon Marshall

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall challenged a Twitter troll to a $25,000 fight. (Image from Wikipedia)

The 30 year old NFL player may have stooped to all new lows. His personal website states that he looked forward to connecting with fans in a whole new way, but this may not be the type of connection that he had in mind. When @BMarshall announced the $25,000 challenge, fans were quick to fan the flames. Wanting to see a professional athlete fight an immature Internet troll led many people to find out more about who the Lions fan was. People are still trying to encourage the fan to take Marshall up on the challenge, but it is still uncertain if he would even really pay. Brandon Marshall may have just been trying to call the fan’s bluff.

The Twitter troll has since been identified as Anthony Kalla, but he has not been available to release any official comment on what he thinks of the challenge. Rather than taking the moment to cash in on his new-found fame, Kalla has become a recluse like many light-sensitive web trolls. It is doubtful that Kalla is sitting in a car driving himself to Chicago to get his big payday.

The NFL has not released any official statement about the Twitter challenge, and neither have the Chicago Bears. It is unclear at this point if Brandon Marshall’s short temper will cost him the $25,000 or possibly more.

Bears Wide Receiver Marshall Challenges Lions Fan To $25,000 Fight.

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