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AT&T Reportedly Stops Tracking Their Cellphone Users’ Online Habits

Major cellphone carriers have been tracking their user’s habits for various purposes. They have had the capability to do this for years, and have been doing so without most people’s knowledge. All of your text messages, phone calls, and even internet traffic has been tracked and stored in data centers all around the world. Every website you visited on your smartphone has been remotely stored for years, even if you thought that you were safe. AT&T is reportedly stopping their practice of tracking all of their phone users’ visited pages and online activity.

AT&T Reportedly Stops Tracking Their Cellphone Users Online Habits

AT&T Privacy Policy

AT&T is one of the major cellphone carriers that is announcing they are stopping their practice of recording their users’ online data. (Image from AT&T)

You may have assumed that you were safe to browse the web on your phone, and that no one was looking at what you were doing. After all, you probably got rid of the phone and got a new one after a year or two. What you probably didn’t consider is that your phone itself was not the only device recording all of your online data. Your cellphone carrier has most likely been recording every search, every web address, and every message that you have sent.

Verizon Wireless is also supposedly stopping the practice of recording all of this information. Some of this data had been used in criminal court cases, other times it was used for marketing research and other data analysis. Perhaps the companies no longer want the liability of keeping a record of this information, especially with so many users and so much activity. This doesn’t mean that the government or some other entity still isn’t tracking information about where you visit though. If you are worried about a data breach uncovering the fact that you have been doing embarrassing things online, simply don’t do it. According to the privacy policy on many websites, they are actually collecting information on you for certain reasons too.

Major online stores make a practice of identifying their site visitors and retargeting those Internet users on other websites in online advertisements. Home Depot and Amazon are major players in the data tracking (for marketing purposes) field.

AT&T Reportedly Stops Tracking Their Cellphone Users Online Habits.

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