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Possible Tsunami In Indonesia After 7.3 Earthquake

Early in the morning on Saturday off the coast of Indonesia a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the ocean floor. Authorities warn that a tsunami is possible from the earthquake and its predicted aftershocks. Surveyors are still on the watch for readings of anything that may look like a tsunami. After a few memorable tsunamis which have devastated Pacific countries in years past, people have been reasonably cautious about these deadly occurrences.

Possible Tsunami In Indonesia After 7.3 Earthquake

USGS reported a 7.3 earthquake near Indonesia

An earthquake off the coast of Indonesia has the inhabitants of Indonesia and New Guinea on alert early Saturday morning. (Image from usgs.gov)

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has reported that they observed the 7.3 magnitude quake off the coast of the Moluccas, which are a part of Indonesia. The time was 2:31 am local time in Indonesia. The islands off the East coast of Indonesia are potentially at risk of potential tsunami activity. The earthquakes themselves have not caused any recorded damage at this point to any populated areas.

Earthquakes of this magnitude only occur about once every 5 years in this region of the Pacific Ocean. Since 1900 there have been 22 recorded quakes of a magnitude 7.5 or higher. While this one fell short of the 7.5 mark according to the USGS measurements, it still rings close to that dangerous threshold. Earthquakes of this magnitude are thought to be the result of plate thrust activity, where the tectonic plates slip suddenly in the area. Other smaller earthquakes are felt frequently in the Indonesian region, but many of those are caused from less significant geological events. A plate thrust carries much more potential at causing a tsunami since the sudden slip causes a different type of water displacement than other types of earthquakes.

People around the world, and particularly in the local region to the quake, are being optimistic that there will be no tsunami, but warnings were still issued to the island’s inhabitants to help avoid any loss of life if one does result.

Possible Tsunami In Indonesia After 7.3 Earthquake.

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