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Goodbye Slow Battery Charging- New Batteries Could Get your Phone Charged in 10 Minutes!

Love gadgets but hate waiting for them to get charged? There’s some good news- Researchers is now all set to develop a chargers that could power up your phones within just 10 minutes, instead of you having to wait for a few hours to get it done.

A team of researchers from the University of California have developed this new architecture for lithium ion batteries that could render them capable of charging speedily. Today, lithium ion batteries power literally everything- from your smartphones and tablet devices to your laptops and even electric vehicles, and their efficacy depends a lot upon how they’re built.

Currently, the lithium ion batteries that are being used are quite limited, and the size of these batteries when it comes to portable electronics is a major concerning factor. The current idea is to make these batteries smaller, while at the same time, increase their efficacy of powering a device.

The team of researchers are basically trying to replace the graphic anodes present in these batteries with silicon anodes considering that anodes are a key part of how batteries work. It is assumed that this replacement could improve the battery’s total charge capacity.

Say Goodbye To Slow Battery Charging

Say Goodbye To Slow Battery Charging

Following this approach could lead to the development of a battery that would be 40 percent lighter and smaller, and would have 63% increased capacity.

Apparently, the authors of the study claim to have used this new technology to demo charge a portable device, and it looks quite promising. While it does need a few tweaks and changes to be made better, it’s definitely a good start.

And its not just this, many other countries in the world claim to have developed even amazing charging devices and batteries. Infact, in the time it takes you to start scrolling through your Twitter feed, your battery would be charged.

Looks like we have some powerful batteries coming our way in the near future. But the major question remains- considering that a single cell phone is enough to pollute around 60,000 litres of water, are these batteries really worth it?

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