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Heart Disease In The Next 20 Years? A New Online Tool Can Help

A new online tool is now available and it can check your risk of having a heart disease in the next twenty years. Therefore, by just going online, you can do it free.



The Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) developed the Healthy Heart Score, a free web-based survey whose score will identify whether you are at risk of having a cardio-vascular disease in the future or not. It also gives practical tips for improving the score by giving heart-healthy habits.

Stephanie Chiuve, assistant professor at the Harvard Medical School said, “The Healthy Heart Score is all about modifiable lifestyle risks, which may increase awareness of CVD prevention through lifestyle interventions earlier in life, prior to the development of clinical risk factors.”

To develop the Healthy Heart Score, the researchers used data from 61,025 women and 34,478 men with no chronic disease in 1986. The study run for 24 years.

According to researchers, the Healthy Heart Score is based on factors that are deemed influential in causing cardio-vascular disease. Among the factors included were smoking, weight, exercise, and intake of alcohol, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, sugary beverages and red and processed meat.

Healthy Heart Score is basically a calculator that walks the user through a series of questions about their lifestyle. Among the questions in the survey are “do you smoke cigarettes?”, “do you drink alcohol?” and “during the past year, how often, on average, did you eat a serving of fruit?”

Once completed, the user receives a risk score of low (green), moderate (yellow) or high (red). The user has a chance to print the assessment along with the tips for improvement.

For interested individuals who want to take the survey, logon at www.healthyheartscore.com.

The study was published online in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Heart Disease In The Next 20 Years? A New Online Tool Can Help.

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