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Why Do Women Wear Granny Panties? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why do women wear granny panties?” you ask? That’s a good question.  (Besides, it beats answering the question: “Why do girls get periods?”  Good Golly, Miss Molly!  Don’t they teach y’all anything in school? Go rent the movie Carrie, mmmkay?)

granny panties

Granny Panties/Image: Pinterest

First off, let’s make sure everyone knows what is meant by “granny panties.” The Urban Dictionary defines them as “women’s underpants that are considered ‘uncool’ if you’re under the age of 60.” They are generally “high cut with a highly elastic waistband that will come up to at least your belly button”, are often cotton and cover the entire butt.

So why do women wear granny panties? Some believe girls wear them because their moms bought them for them. The Urban Dictionary also notes that gals wear them when “they’re playing some kind of sport.”

But let’s not forget our long-absent Yahoo Answer posters:

  • “Shelley L” says women wear granny panties “because not all sexy underwear is comfortable for daily wear.” She adds: “Nothing is worse than having a thong up your @ss for a day. Ugh.”
  • “Mean.mode.median” says granny panties are “much more comfortable than all your disgustingly frilly lace thongs, and stuff. Besides, some granny panties can also slender up your tummy. Not exactly a great choice for low-rise jeans but when you retire your low-rise jeans, granny panties rule.” (So granny panties are for when you’re fat and old then, is that it?)
granny panties

Some Rules/Image: GinnyZaparCohen

Elsewhere online, Karen Noble of Thought Catalog also evaluated granny panties:

“The girl who wears granny panties either does not give a f*ck, which I wholly respect, does not care what you think because there’s still a kick-@ss vagina under there so, so what, which I also respect, or just doesn’t do laundry. (And come on, neither do you let’s be real.)”

(Actually, yours truly washes his infamous Batman boxers once a week; thank you. The Laundromat is a great place to pick up single la—uh-laundry tips.)

Finally, Joy Sewing—(Really?)– a blogger on Chron claims: “(E)very woman has a pair of granny panties, even if she denies it. As women, we wear them during that time of the month (Period Panties, right?), when we aren’t feeling sexy, when we haven’t done laundry, when we need to secure our foundations in a major way, when we know no one will see us naked or when we just don’t care and want to be comfortable.

“I received a great pack of grannies (Clarity by Cabernet) from Dillard’s last year, when in the hospital. They were a much-desirable alternative to the hospital’s disposable undies, which are simply gross.” She concluded that even designer Isaac Mizrahi had a lingerie line that included this kind of underwear. In fact, he told New York magazine: “Little panties can be sexy but so can big (granny) panties.”

Why do women wear granny panties? Now you know.

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