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Bronx Man Killed, 61, Was Pushed Into D Train While Wife Watched


Wai Kuen Kwok, who was going to breakfast in Chinatown with his wife, was pushed as the southbound D train pulled into the station. The subway operator saw Kwok but couldn’t stop the train in time. NY Cops are looking for a man wearing a dark-colored, bubble-type jacket suspected in the killing.

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A man was killed by a train in the Bronx Sunday morning after he was pushed, then hit, onto the subway tracks as his horrified wife watched, law enforcement sources said.

Emergency responders rushed to Grand Concourse and E. 167th St. about 8:45 a.m. in Highbridge, but Wai Kuen Kwok, 61, could not be saved, authorities said.

Cops are searching for the man who pushed Kwok in front of a southbound D train as it pulled into the station, the source said. The men didn’t know each other, police said.

The train’s motorman saw Kwok just before pushing him, but he could not stop the train in time, a transit source said.

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“He said the guy just flew off the platform in front of his train as he was entering the station. The guy was still in the air when he hit him,” the transit source said.

Three cars rolled over Kwok before the train stopped, the transit source said.

Kwok’s wife was taken to Bronx Lebanon Hospital for trauma, the police source said.

The Bronx couple were on their way to have breakfast in Chinatown in Manhattan when the terror unfolded, the source said.

The suspect was last seen wearing a dark-colored bubble jacket as he fled the scene. Police were looking at video surveillance from nearby businesses, the source said.

Kwok’s family was hopeful that police would find the person responsible.

He’s a good man,” a relative said at Kwok’s Findlay Ave. home. “We’re hanging in there.”

Straphangers near the scene were stunned by the violence.

“That’s terrible,” Cristhian James, 20, said. “I take the D train everyday. I don’t get too close to the edge.”

Olivia Crockett, 55, also said she makes sure to stand far away from the platform’s edge.

“I learned from the news to stand back,” she said.

Service was suspended on the D train line from 145th St. to Tremont Ave. Sunday afternoon, a spokeswoman for the MTA said.

Bronx Man Killed, 61, Was Pushed Into D Train While Wife Watched.

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