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Ferguson Protests Projected To Spread To Other Cities After Verdict

FERGUSON, Missouri – Officials in other major cities across the country have been warned that they should brace for the impact of potential riots on their streets after the St. Louis County Grand Jury delivers their verdict. The streets of Ferguson Missouri have been scattered with protesters, looters, and rioters for over 3 months after police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed an unarmed black teen in broad daylight. The incident had been caught on a smart phone camera and posted online shortly after the fatal incident, which prompted thousands of Ferguson residents to take to the streets in protest. City police, with the aid of other agencies have still been unable to completely quell the disturbances to date.

Ferguson Protests Projected To Spread To Other Cities After Verdict

Ferguson Protests On Day 3

Cities all across the US are warned to prepare for Ferguson style protests and riots on their streets after the grand jury verdict is announced. (Image from Wikipedia)

City officials all across the country, from coast to coast, have been warned that they should prepare for potential outbursts of violence on their streets if the St. Louis County grand jury does not made a decision in the favor of the protesters. There is a strong suspicion that officer Darren Wilson was acting within his power to defend himself with lethal force, which could lead to a decision that sets him free. If that is the case, the streets of Ferguson, St. Louis, and other major cities are expected to crawl with protest, looting, and violence.

Sometime this month (November) it is expected that the grand jury will reach their verdict. Despite the caution needed in the event that Officer Wilson is found to be not-guilty, justice cannot be served if the grand jury’s decision is influenced by social and political pressures from outside the courtroom. If officer Wilson is in fact innocent, it would not make it morally or ethically right to convict him just to spare the cities from social unrest.

Those planning to protest should keep in mind that they should stick to civilized protests, and to avoid any criminal activity that may dilute the message that they wish to promote. The situation in Ferguson showed that the powerful message of the protesters was all too foreshadowed by the illegal activity of thugs and looters who took the opportunity to steal from and destroy local businesses. The public’s perception of the protests in Ferguson are met with mixed reviews due in part to the scoundrels who decided to use the confusion as a reason to break the law.

Police all across the country have felt the social tension in their daily confrontations with people all across the country. As different social groups work to pinpoint some of the examples of police aggression and brutality, the situation in Ferguson may or may not be giving the wrong impression of events. Those in support of Michael Brown propose that Officer Darren Wilson shot an unarmed and defenseless teenager, while those in favor of Officer Wilson claim that the officer was acting in self-defense after being physically assaulted by the teen who also tried to take the officer’s firearm.

Ferguson Protests Projected To Spread To Other Cities After Verdict.

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