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ISIS Recruiting Impressionable College-Aged Men From Around The World

World intelligence agencies have been working hard to determine the identity of many of the Islamic State fighters who have appeared in various propaganda videos. Much to many people’s surprise, there is a large number of combatants within the ranks of ISIS that come from the very same Western nations that they speak out against. Fighters have been identified as being from places such as Great Britain, France, the United States, and other countries. The appeal of ISIS has lead to young men all over the world dropping everything they have and fleeing to fight on the same side as the terrorists in Syrian and Iraq.

ISIS Recruiting Impressionable College-Aged Men From Around The World

ISIS Fighters

ISIS has proven that they can recruit from within the borders of the very countries they claim to hate. (Image from Wikipedia)

Groups like the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda have made efforts to appeal to young Islamic men looking for a purpose in life. Many of these men are college-aged or were previously in college. Men of this age tend to be motivated by social and political influence to mold their personal identity. ISIS gives those men a place, in their minds, to establish a purpose and fight on behalf of what they see as a divine will. This attracts men from all over the globe, from all races, and all walks of life.

Recently ISIS and Al-Qaeda announced that they were going to join forces to some extent. This should be a threat to many people around the world, since the two forces could create an even more formidable opponent if they can effectively get their logistics coordinated together. This would easily make them the largest terror network in the entire world.

Foreigners such as Jihadi John, Maxime Hauchard, and others show that the reach of these types of terrorists groups is far and wide. These two particularly have taken part in the executions and murders of their own nationalists. They appear to operate without remorse, as they fuel their reasoning with the misguided judgement of a politically and religiously motivated leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ISIS sticks mostly to social media, and peer pressures as a recruiting tactic. They create propaganda that helps motivate compassionate young men to become sympathetic to their militant causes, which helps grow their ranks. Some young men even leave for the battle fields of Syria and Iraq with the blessings of their families back home. With this truth, it is entirely possible that there are many young Islamic men in your town or neighborhood that working on a plan to join the ranks of the Islamic State terror organization. This means that they are a stone’s throw away from organizing a force within the borders of the United States, France, UK, Spain, etc.

With an estimates 1.5 Billion Muslims all across the world, leaders like al-Baghdadi have a wealth of devout men to choose from. The total number of ISIS fighters is not currently known, but recent estimates have figured that roughly 30,000 soldiers fight for the group in Northern Iraq and Eastern Syria.

ISIS Recruiting Impressionable College-Aged Men From Around The World.

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