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ISIS Running Out Of Americans To Behead, Only 1 Left

The spineless terror group known worldwide as ISIS or ISIL is running short on their supply of American heads after the latest beheading video. Over the weekend the group posted another video showing them cutting off the heads of many prisoners, including 1 American hostage. The former Army Ranger, Peter Kassig, had been held prisoner by the terrorists prior to having his head cut off in the recent video. This leaves ISIS with only 1 known American hostages in their custody, plus one British national. They currently hold onto one male British journalist, and one female American hostage.

ISIS Running Out Of Americans To Behead, Only 1 Left

Jihadi John

A screen capture from an ISIS beheading video shows Jihadi John covering his face to obscure his identity. (Image from Wikipedia)

US intelligence analysts have been working to determine what ISIS’ next move would be. It is likely that they will not rush to kill both of their two remaining Westerners, but it is possible. The one threat to ISIS if they do kill the remaining American hostage is that they will lose any sort of bargaining power they would have with the US government. The woman being held is a 26 year old humanitarian worker who was kidnapped in Syria.

ISIS claims to welcome the influx of American troops into Iraq and Syria, welcoming the chance at fighting US troops in ground combat. The US has agreed to send some troops to the area to help with the situation, but there have yet to be any face to face confrontations between the two groups. So far the US forces have had success destroying ISIS’ troops and assets from the air. The strength of the US and other western armies that ISIS claims to hate would purely crush their ranks, and all but destroy the terror group.

With the recent destruction of as many as 50 top ISIS leaders by US airstrikes, the terrorist group may be looking for a chance to catch their breath. Attacks against the group in the last weeks have shown the degree to which the group exposes themselves to present dangers, and the lack of contingency planning and leadership. The group mostly seems to be made up of young males from all over the world who are hoping to make their mark in their religion’s history. Aside from the strength of of their current numbers and their reliance on guerrilla tactics in combat, they most likely would not stand much of a chance against the organization and battlefield logistics of most more-civilized armies of the world.


ISIS Running Out Of Americans To Behead, Only 1 Left.

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