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46% Of Palestinians In Israel Support Terrorism Against Civilians

In the wake of recent increases in Palestinian violence in Jerusalem and other cities around Israel, recent polling shows 46% of Palestinians support terrorism against civilians. This comes at a time when these increased attacks have led to the murders of Jews all across Israel. On Tuesday a couple of armed Palestinian men entered a Synagogue and murdered 4 unarmed worshipers and wounded others. Three Americans were included in those killed today, out of the 4 victims. The two were killed with Israeli Police responded to the call.

46% Of Palestinians In Israel Support Terrorism Against Civilians

Hamas Leader

Palestinians celebrated Tuesday’s attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, and Hamas’ leader praised the two attackers (Image from Wikipedia)

Palestinians took to the street all across Israel to celebrate the terrorist attack today. Israeli Police were required to respond to unruly crowds with the use of concussive grenades and tear gas canisters. As Palestinian Muslims danced in the streets, threw rocks at cops, and passed around sweet treats to celebrate Jews across Israel reeled in fear that they might no longer be safe in their holy places of worship.

Palestinians consider this murderous act to be a win in their collective war of terror against their Israeli neighbors. The two terrorists killed today at the Synagogue were cousins from Jerusalem who armed themselves with guns, axes, and other weapons. They rushed into the Synagogue cheering “Allahu Akbar!” as they fired shots at praying rabbis, and swung axes at other unarmed people in prayer. Those inside the synagogue stood no chance against the unprovoked onslaught that faced them.

Police arrived to stop the violence, and a brief gun battle ensued. Both of the Palestinian cousins were killed on the scene, but not before injuring 2 police officers with their gun, killing 1. The death toll (not including the 2 terrorists) totaled 5 innocent lives. When news of the two young men’s martyrdom spread through the Palestinian neighborhoods, people took to the street to celebrate and to fight against the packs of police. Police armed in riot gear showed up and fired tear gas and concussive grenades at protesters from an elevated position, at a safe distance from the unruly crowds.

The reaction of the Palestinians disgusted many of the Jews across Israel, who hope for peace in their homeland. Today’s actions sour the situation, especially remarks from Hamas leaders who praised the actions of today’s attackers.

46% Of Palestinians In Israel Support Terrorism Against Civilians.

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