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Israeli Forces Destroy Homes Of Terrorists To Erase Them From Memory

In the wake of recent terrorist attacks in Israel, which have targeted unarmed civilians, Israeli Forces have vowed to bull doze the homes of those involved in such activities. The two cousins who participated in yesterday’s deadly Synagogue massacre are scheduled to have their homes destroyed soon by Israeli forces, and some homes of other terrorists were razed today. This practice has not been in use for a while in Jerusalem, but it has proven to be a good deterrent in the past to prevent some terrorism. It has been about 10 years since Israel has made a habit of destroying houses of terrorists, but shortened tolerance has led to drastic measures.

Israeli Forces Destroy Homes Of Terrorists To Erase Them From Memory

Demolished Palestinian Home

The IDF demolished the home of some Palestinian terrorists on Wednesday. This tactic has been revived in the wake of recent terrorist attacks throughout Israel. (Image from Wikipedia)

When the Israeli Defense Force moves in to demolish a house, they tend to level the house will all or most of the family’s belongings inside of it, and then allow them to come back in shame to collect their personal possessions. This tactic has proven to bring a lot of shame to the families of those caught participating in terrorist activities, and can be a great way to increase the popularity of attacks. Young terrorists who would otherwise carry out senseless acts will be made to think twice whether they want to be remembered for bringing shame and misfortune to their loved ones. After the houses are demolished, they are typically left standing as a pile of debris to remind those in the area of what happens when good people decide to cross the line and become terrorists.

Politicians in Israel are still trying to reach an agreement of peace so that Palestinians and Israelis can live together peaceful in the Gaza nation. The political climate has not shown much promise of compromise in the region, as Jewish leaders have spoken out against acts of terrorism and violence, while Hamas and other Palestinian leaders speak volumes of praise for the offenders. It is almost as if the Muslim leaders are welcoming aggression against Jewish people all over Israel.

Almost daily there have been suicidal or brutal attacks against Jews perpetuated by Muslim Palestinians. Some of the people killed have even been foreigners visiting the area to worship. At least 3 Americans and a British national have been killed in recent weeks, when they became the focus of religious fueled attacks. Yesterday’s synagogue massacre in particular resulted in the death of the 3 American tourists.

Not all Palestinians have supported the violence however, even if almost half of them have reportedly shown support for terrorist activities. There have been some Muslim religious figures who have participated in the mourning and prayers for those killed in recent attacks.

Israeli Forces Destroy Homes Of Terrorists To Erase Them From Memory.

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