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Alcoholism Most Likely For Those Who Earn Under $25,000

A new study conducted by the US Center For Disease Control has compiled a lot of research about the habits of Americans who consume alcohol. The study aimed to determine what factors were most likely to contribute to alcoholism in adults. What was probably perceived as an alcoholic in the past may not actually be what constitutes one today. Some people can consume a generous amount of alcohol on a regular basis, yet remain completely independent of needing it.

Alcoholism Most Likely For Those Who Earn Under $25,000

Effects of Alcohol On Human Body

The CDC has determined that many people who believe they are alcoholics may actually not really be. (Image from Wikipedia)

An alcoholic is defined as someone who has become dependent of the use of alcohol in their regular lives. Many people across the US may consider themselves to be alcoholics, but more than likely they are just heavy drinkers. An alcoholic would not be able to willingly reduce the amount of alcohol that they consume, and would suffer some adverse effects from refraining from use. Since most Americans, even those who drink heavily, do not qualify under those circumstances they cannot be considered to be alcoholics.

Men who drink more than 15 alcoholic beverages in a week are considered to be heavy drinkers, and women who drink more than 8 would be the same. People who consume those volumes of liquor, beer, or wine are certainly in the upper percentage of alcohol consumers, but most of them are not actually dependent on it. Some people can even consume quantities higher than that and still not become addicted.

It is estimated that as few as 10% of those who believe they are alcoholics actually suffer from any real condition from it. Alcohol still has its own adverse effects on the human body, and people’s brain functions so it is still advised to reduce the amount consumed if you are a heavy drinker. This recent finding may mean that fewer people will need to have medical intervention to reduce their alcohol consumption.

It was observed that people in the US who earn $25,000 or less are at a much higher risk of becoming an alcoholic that those who earn more than that. There may be many socioeconomic and behavioral health factors that go into making someone an alcoholic. The lower income could also possibly be attributed to the functional problems that someone who truly suffers from alcoholism would experience in their life. Some of those people would have trouble holding down jobs and being reliable enough to hold most higher paying jobs.

Alcoholism Most Likely For Those Who Earn Under $25,000.

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