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Louisiana: We’re Bringing Black Bear Back

Louisiana is singing: “We’re bringing black bear back.”  According to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey, the Louisiana black bear or Ursus americanus luteolus, is now reportedly going to survive for another 100 years. The newest data reveals that the bear, listed in 1992 as being threatened under the Endangered Species Act, is presently increasing in population. In fact, the numbers are growing significantly enough that the Fish and Wildlife Service is discussing “delisting” it from the threatened species list.

black bear

Louisiana black bear/Image: CooperativeConservation

The research team determined the Louisiana Black Bear population is growing with a physical survey. They set up fences of barbed wire that the bears would have to cross in order to reach and eat pastry baits. Researchers report that the fences do not actually harm the bear but do, however, capture DNA left by the bears mainly in the form of samples of their hair.

Government researchers believe the population growth of the black bear is due to the various federal and state efforts to protect the species. The investigative team also thinks that the habitat recovery program and a reintroduction project also assisted by the Federal Conservation Reserve Program and Federal Wetlands Reserve Program also brought about the upswing in the Louisiana black bear population.

Furthermore, the Geological Survey study reveals that the Louisiana Black Bear, just one of 18 subspecies of black bear on the North American continent, currently has under a one percent chance of becoming extinct during the next century.

black bear

Louisiana black bear/Image:

Maria Davidson, the biologist program manager for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, stated: “The completion of this project represents many years of collaborative work and we’re excited about the results.”

The Louisiana black bear, also known as “Teddy” was thusly nicknamed a century ago when then President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt famously refrained from shooting a tethered black bear on a 1902 hunting trip.

Louisiana Black Bear On Way Back

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