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Obama’s Immigration Controversy Creates Distraction From Ferguson MO

While the streets of Ferguson Missouri are near a boiling point once again, the national news networks across the US seem to be talking about Immigration policy. The news is trying hard to distract the majority of US news viewers from the unrest and disturbances that have plagued Ferguson Missouri for the past 3 months. Protesters are waiting to hear the verdict in the trial, and police are waiting for the crowds to disperse and go home.

Obama’s Immigration Controversy Creates Distraction From Ferguson MO

Ferguson Protesters

The media struggles between covering Obama’s proposed unconstitutional maneuver to change Immigration policy, and the verge of violence on Ferguson streets. (Image from Wikipedia)

Officer Darren Wilson may very well not be found guilty by the Grand Jury, and that is expected to trigger riots, looting, murders, and other senseless violence. The outbreak of social unrest is expected to spread far and wide across the country if Officer Wilson is innocent. His innocence would mean that he was doing his job properly, and was just defending himself. Rather than going home sad that they have been standing up for the death of an attempted cop-killer and petty thief, protesters are expected to use violence to vent out their disappointment. As if justice would somehow be served if an innocent cop was placed in prison just to satisfy the misguided views of citizens who have nothing better to do than pick the wrong fight to be a part of.

Almost every week there are innocent people killed by police officers across the US, but many of these deaths do not get national attention. Had one of these more credible situations been chosen for ground to protest, those who are fed up with police brutality might actually have a better leg to stand on in the long run. Nobody wants to see innocent people killed by criminals, police officers, or otherwise but using a teenager who may have been killed while intimidating and assaulting an on-duty officer is not the situation we want to make an example of.

The civil unrest in Ferguson Missouri has most likely been misguided, and blown out of proportion by national media outlets, high profile civil leaders, and government officials. The amount of attention that it got initially added fuel to the fire, and has uncovered some clues to what the social climate is really like in Ferguson Missouri. Some rioters are at home making home-made explosives, stock piling firearms and ammunition, and are getting prepared to make themselves nothing more than terrorists. The potential outbreak of violence that is expected in Ferguson will not create the positive image that is needed to help create awareness for police brutality and senseless deaths.

Obama’s Immigration Controversy Creates Distraction From Ferguson MO.

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