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Why Is President Obama Hurting Senior Citizens? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why is President Obama hurting senior citizens?” you ask? Good question. (Besides, it beats answering the question: “Why does my grandma keep Freedent gum and cough drops in the candy dish?”)


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Why is President Obama hurting senior citizens?  Well, let’s clarify. The man isn’t going out at night dressed in black and assaulting little old ladies in the dark of night, mmmkay? However, since Day One the Affordable Care Act– “Obamacare”—has been a subject of much controversy and contention especially for the senior set.
Yours truly is no political pundit though. He has this attitude that our leaders are elected and paid to do what we want them to do but apparently that is a concept more dangerous than putting social security on the budgetary choosing block.

Let’s see what other expounding authors have to say, shall we?

Evan Gahr an indie journalist covered the issue for the NY Daily News site. He reported that last year already the Medicare Advantage programs which provide funds for “private insurers to cover seniors, have quietly started to cancel the contracts of providers to save money.” Apparently though, he says, “the havoc” Obamacare wreaked “on Medicare Advantage patients and their providers has been barely noticed.”


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Analyst Carl McDonald accurately predicted that “government payments to Medicare Advantage programs would decrease by 7% or 8% (this year), proving enormously disruptive to Medicare Advantage, likely forcing a number of smaller plans out of the business and creating disarray for many seniors.”

Torrid tales of old folks no longer able to see doctors they‘ve trusted for decades because of “Obamacare” and being buried beneath a mound of perplexing paperwork is just the tip of the iceberg. Then there’s the financial fervor. Gahr reminds us: “In order to fund other aspects of the program, Obamacare cuts $717 billion from Medicare over 10 years; $154 billion of that will come from Medicare Advantage.”

Woodrow Wilcox, who has a website named   Obamacare Hurts Seniors,  reiterates: “The Obamacare law took over 700 billion dollars in Medicare benefits away from senior citizens and spent that money on other things like hiring thousands more Internal Revenue Service agents. That is what happened when Obamacare was passed and implemented.”

He adds that his entire site is dedicated to dealing with “the financial harm that I have witnessed Obamacare causing. Since the passage of Obamacare, the rules of Medicare have been changing to the harm of millions of senior citizens.”  On the other hand, maybe dealing with all the new paperwork will help exercise the seniors’ brains enough to help ward off Alzheimer’s.  Lord knows, freeViagra has got to be good news for some of those senior singles out there even if the government will sell off the old folks’ homes to recoup their free handouts back when  the seniors move on to that great senior center in the sky.

Why is President Obama hurting senior citizens? Now you know.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

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