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10 Hollywood Cat Fights We Won’t Soon Forget

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Amber Rose vs. Natalie Nunn


Photo: BET

Oh no she didn’t! Former Bad Girls Club cast member Natalie Nunn went in on Amber Rose via Twitter a few days ago. Amber has been on a girl-power mission, tweeting that ladies should stick together and be nicer to one another. So when she logged onto Twitter, her favorite place for airing grievances and dirty laundry to talk about Nunn’s previous relationship with her man Wiz, she wasn’t prepared for what Nunn had in store. The controversial BGC’er called Amber names like “tennis ball head” and then posted a series of Twitpics of herself and Wiz in various states of a kiss. See the exchange below…and don’t miss Nunn’s plug for her new series on Oxygen, Love Games.

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